Hello, I’m Ben.

A meteorologist by vocation, geologist and museum curator by education.

In my spare time I am variously a writer, aviator, hiker, educational video maker, fossil hunter, tabletop games’ master and video games enthusiast.

I occasionally dabble in other things too, the links to which you’ll find below!

Find me elsewhere…

Here are some links to my various social media, while I don’t use them much these days due to the proscriptions placed on the free speech of civil servants. I do still update them when I’m doing anything particularly interesting!

Things I do on the internet

Link to the Adventures in Worldbuilding Blog
A Novice GM’s attempts to create believeable game worlds.

BenjaminDBrooks’ Blog is the place where I write. Previous topics have included Geology, Science Policy, and my exploits in the worlds of museology and aviation.
My YouTube channel is a place where I made some brief foray’s into science journalism, educational video making, and a couple of abortive attempts at vlogging.
A few years ago a couple of friends and I created a real-play RPG podcast with the RuneQuest 6 (now Mythras) system. After a pilot and six edited episodes we shelved the podcast, though we have plans to revisit the project in the future.