>50% of Britains do not believe the science of AGW

Wow, the British public never cease to amaze, astound and shock. More to the point, they never cease to disgust me either.

Yes that’s right, I just insulted the British public on the web, get over it, I am entitled to my opinion, and for those who doubt the sincerety and gravity of that statement… I am British, I am white, and I am lower middle class.

According to a poll cited on Newsnight tonight, greater than 50% of the British public do not believe the science of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). In simple terms they do not think we are doing it, which although I would have considered this view to be valid some years ago, It is not today because of the overwhelming (scientific) evidence opposing it.

The report then went on to show two scientists trying to convince a group of british citizens of some of the science of AGW. On the one had one scientist was using a very simple scientific experiment that has been used on TV and in the RI Christmas Lectures in the past, and is easy to do in science classes at school. On the other you had the ex-chief scientist (who advised the UK Government) answering the questions of the public.

So where did the BBC get their “representative cross section of the british populace?” – the answer – the TOP GEAR AUDIENCE, about the most anti-AGW biassed group in creation, thanks to the likes of Mr. Clarkson (and I like Clarkson).

inevitably the CRU email scandal known as “Climate-Gate” came up, and when it did, the reporter abandoned any pretence of neutrality and decided to assist in berrating the ex-chief scientist over the stolen emails, which when read completely and IN CONTEXT show no evidence of fraud of any kind. However don’t just take my word for it, here are some links:

National/International Agencies

Honest Media coverage

… so why did these questions even get asked? Well the answer to that is that the Mass Media, especially the TV, tend not to report on the Fraud behing Climate-gate, and by that I mean the quote-mining and misdirection of sceptics, not the email contents. The net result of this is that people believe that this is fact rather than fiction.

…ok… so why don’t the mass media help the scientists? is it because they know something else? I very much doubt it… the simple response it this… consensus doesn’t sell but a debate; even a fabricated one does… simple as that.

To get back to the point, I wish to pose a question, If you are not willing to trust the scientific community (the scientific experts no less) on a scientific issue, who the HELL would you trust???

and that is where I am going to leave it, although I could rant on for a good while yet.


One thought on “>50% of Britains do not believe the science of AGW

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