Una Septimana Horribilis

(title translation: one horrible week)

So this week started really really well, I was back at university about to re-start my studies after a rather boring christmas, but before I even arrived problems started to arrive thick and fast.

First off the Bank refused to honour a rental payment (with good cause in the end), and no sooner had this been rectified and the rent payed when I was accused of plagairism (collusion/cheating) on a major peice of coursework.

For anyone in any doubt, that is a major accusation in the realm of science, and one which I will hasten to add was a false one. I want to leave uni after my MSci and go into academia proper as an academic, which means doing a PhD… so I defy anyone to find any reason or encouragement for me to have committed plagairism in that career plan! Whilst this isn’t being taken any further by the lecturer concerned, this will be hanging over me for the rest of the year at least, If not for any other reason than my integrity as a person, a student, and as a future scientist has been questioned; and bloody hell that’s one really psychological sword of damacles to have, even if you don’t take your integrity too seriously – which I do.

(for anyone interested the piece of work in question was this graph which was produced from a dataset given to us within our coursework exercise and with specific notation guidelines… so why the lecturers were surprised by 3 people following a similar logical pathway to the result is beyond me)

Once this issue had been resolved, I didn’t even get a decent mark for the work because I hadn’t covered the basics… apparantly in a report intended for an oil company you have to explain to them what an oil reservior is… but I accept that’s my error in judgement, no-one elses; and I can see why the marker’s commentary was so frustrated about not being able to give me the marks.

Then came today, where I got up at a reasonable hour to go onto campus especially to meet up with some high ups in the students union, only to waste a day sitting around waiting for them to never turn up.

Anywho… all in all it’s really been una septimana horribilis for me, and it’s taken every ounce of my mental strength not to run back to Devon for the weekend and spend it with the folks… but the show must go on, and we must remember that there are always people worse off than oneself.

Although among those worse off I don’t count all the stupid bastards people who are continually complaining about the snow. It doesn’t happen often so just go out and enjoy it – and yes I did lose paid work (two days worth thus far) due to the snow before you go off on one.

anyway… rant over


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