Living in the 40’s… and a CHALLENGE TO YOU!

I’m twenty years of age now and another decade has passed us all by and it’s got me reflecting on a great many things, not least of all my character and the person I am now compared to the boy I was at school, only three short years ago.

It is often said of me by people who know me well that I am out-of-date, old-fashioned, or “retro” and it is something that I guess I’ve made much of in the past because it gave me an excuse to be different from them, an excuse to dress differently, talk differently and hold different views.

When I think about it in all seriousness there are things that I use so often today that if I were to take my retro life too far they would be sorely missed, from the internet to computers and mobile phones, to Biro-pens and the National Health Service. To list everything here would be impractical and would make this post absurdly long, so I’ll settle for a picture showing most of the tech I use from day-to-day.

It is I think important to realise that no matter how nostalgic I am for a bygone age, I do live in the modern world and I take an awfully great number of things for granted in this modern world.

some tech... 2 laptops, 2 hard drives, compact + bridge camera, phone, watch, etc.

just some... well most... of my technological posessions.

So… why the 1940’s?

Well for a start there’s the dress, which is in my opinion the perfect time to emulate, it’s modern enough that an unbuttoned shirt collar and chino’s will wash, but it’s Edwardian enough that wearing very smart clothing isn’t completely looked down on (as it is today). Added to this it’s only twenty years after the “golden age” of the dinner jacket (Tuxedo for the yanks).

Then we have the language… for two reasons. Firstly the slang was somewhat more agreeable in my opinion, and secondly because grammar was still compulsory in the education system. I am no grammar guru and sorely wish I had had grammar and Latin at school, but one can only do the best with what one has.

The wartime spirit… yes the war was a very bad event in which millions were needlessly massacred (both on and off the battlefield), but the camaraderie that it inspired in the British people is unmatched in recent years, and the union was at it’s very strongest. Plus we still had our empire and a conservative government until ‘45.

I am sure that if I sat and pondered it for long enough I would be able to think up many, many more reasons, but these are the main ones.

Then and now…

Three years ago give or take a few months I left school for university, and I have changed a great deal since then, but am at a loss as to describe it. How does one chart the changes that one goes through incrementally over a period of time, it’s not like physics where you record the experiment at intervals, it is always happening, you’re always changing.

If I were to give some brief examples of the changes I have undergone…

  • For a start I am doing more sport… not alot more, but some.
  • I’ve become less close to teaching staff
  • I have given up on the RAF as a career.
  • I’m more intolerant of the religious and scientophobes.
  • and I’ve tried to “fit in” more with people in my year-group… though I suspect this hasn’t worked.

But as with any self evaluation exercise, it is nigh on impossible to do anything but broad strokes.

So I’m going to ask you… my few readers, most especially my school friends who still know me well, to give me some idea of how I have changed over these past three years…Pull No Punches… GO!!!

I’ll summarise the “results” next week, even if I don’t like them.

Benjamin David Brooks
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