The Challenge From Me!

Last week I posited a challenge to all of my old school chums – or at least those people who knew me back then – to give me their views on how I have changed since school.

The results could have been fascinating and may have shed an interesting light on what’s been going on up here (in my brain) since school, however I only received two comments so the results are both entirely unfascinating and pointless.

Comment #1: A Fellow Uni Student… notably not someone who knew me 3 years ago.

“I’ve seen you rapidly change from a naive and slightly ignorant teenager, to a knowledgeable and more open minded adult. You’ve become the man you were trying unconvincingly to be when you arrived. You’re (sic) parents should be proud of you Ben. Being eccentric in a judgmental world is never easy, but you have done it with style and class, and become a thoroughly respected person.”

Whilst I thank the commenter for their honesty, I’m not so sure I would agree with that last bit, If anything I’ve been blaze about being eccentric, and I very much dispute the respect bit.

Comment #2: From My Mother – so discounted due possible bias (sorry mum)

You have grown up into a fine upstanding young gentleman.

…So, what to do?

Well I could publicise the post and challenge further and extend the deadline… but I suspect that would be rather pointless again, so I’m not doing that, I’ll compile a Johari/Nohari’s window set instead, but I hope the wider internet will forgive me for not posting the links here, as that would likely result in spam.

Night All

Ben Brooks


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