“Is this Clegg’s dagger which I see before me…”

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Political Events have unfolded in a very interesting way today, and I will admit before I go any further that I am a liberal, fiscal conservative whose alleigances lie with the Conservative and Unionist party (or the Tories). I did however vote for the Liberal Democrats in this election because I naïvely thought they were in for a chance at this election.

So what’s happenned today? well firstly we found out that the Liberal Democrats have been holding “secret” talks with the Labour party over the weekend – crucially without the knowledge of the Conservatives including David Cameron. The second dramatic event that has occurred is that Gordon Brown has confirmed that he will give up the prime ministers post by october to facilitate talks between the Liberals and Labour.

OK so what do I think… well if I am totally honest my gut reaction is best reflected in the title to this post; that this smacks of double agency and backstabbing. Allow me to explain: I have nothing against having the Liberals holding talks with both parties to get the best deal, indeed this is the sensible and prudent option. The problem I have is that these serious, wide ranging talks were done without the Conservatives’ knowledge, and that this is in comparisson to the Lib/Con talks in which there has been almost full disclosure, and in good faith. The Liberals said that they were “talking to the Conservatives, and listening to what Labour have to say” but this now appears to have been a lie. As someone who gave up my vote to the Liberal Democrats because they struck me as honest, in with a chance and offerring a different, better politics I am very, very disappointed.

Either way, we are rid of Gordon Brown, which I think everyone except the few Blairites out there will agree is a good thing. I have no animosity to him because of the consternation and “upsetting-of-apple-carts” that this has caused as it is only what anyone in his position would have done.

In a final twist to this sworded affair, the Conservative party have given a final offer which crucially involves a referendum on the Alternative Vote system, though not full blown PR, it’s as far as they can go from their current position and maintains the 1 MP for 1 Constituency link.

So the question now is: Will Clegg be able to convince his party (if indeed he wants to) to form a stable coalition or confidence and supply arrangement with the Conservatives after Mr Brown’s effective resignation?

Ben Brooks

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