Über-good news for bloggers, web-developers, nerds and computer geeks


In today’s Guardian newspaper there is an article on Internet Explorer 9.0 which made my day as a web-developer and blogger.

I consider myself to be a little bit of a nerd, new technology fascinates me and especially where I have some chance of understanding and being able to use that new tech. You can imagine then; that the news that IE9 will be über-compatible, with Microsoft’s developers using (pretty much for the first time) a world-wide-web consortium (W3C) web standard to produce their internet browser made me a very happy nerd indeed!

This was all unveiled on the second day of Microsoft’s PDC conference on Tuesday (see about 40 min into video) and for the first time the great monolith that is Microsoft is actually taking an active role in the creation of the web standards which for so long their browsers have simply ignored. This prior attitude has caused many small websites and individuals to place warnings on their sites about the uselessness of the old IE marks (eg: my website or the Two-Dots comic – see below) and the fact that many sites just will not work in internet explorer or browsers that use IE’s rendering engine (such as AOL).

Two-Dots "internet explorer hates you!" front-page.

The "Your browser hates you" page from the Two-Dots web comic.

As the Guardian’s article says, the promises made by Microsoft regarding IE9 are news to the internet’s collective ears, but it remains to be seen as to whether Microsoft can deliver on them. I for one hope that they can, because I am fed up with trying to use work-arounds and hacks to make my website compatible with IE 6/7/8. Also it may not be long before we see the last of the “your browser hates you” front pages.

Only time… and IE9/HTML5’s release… will tell.

Ben Brooks

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