“Blogging is powerful” (via Just Enjoy Him)


I haven’t had much to say recently and for that I apologise, but I’m back home in Devon for a bit so will definitely have something for you soon enough.

however when I last had “writers block” as such I was asked why I felt the need to blog, and this post may go some way to explaining it, so thanks to “Just Enjoy Him” for the post.


Ben Brooks

That line is from a post on Dawn's blog, This Woman's Work, and I so agree with it. Being a part of the blogging world has opened up so many ideas for me, made me friends with people I wouldn't otherwise know, and helped me write out my thoughts and feelings. My thoughts about adoption and adoption reform have especially evolved through reading other peoples' blogs. My journey through cancer was made easier when I was able to share it and get ama … Read More

via Just Enjoy Him


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