The Obligatory Christmas Post

So it’s probably not escaped your notice that we are rapidly approaching the end of the calendar year, and we all know what that means don’t we?

It means (in the UK at least) that any and all traffic/public transport halts at the first sight of snow, resulting in a jaded view that white christmasses are hated by all, but equally always prayed for by our inner children (and those of us for whom transport is no issue). It means that consumerism goes berzerk, despite what the Bank of England base rate or VAT is, causing everyone to begin the next year with crippling debts. It means the overtly religious get to rub their festivals in every other person’s face (notably stolen festivals from pagans). But it does also mean I get to stop working for a few days and enjoy views like this! (beware the ghost-sheep)

Christmas in Rousdon, A view over the hills towards Honiton.

Christmas in Rousdon, a snowy vista from near my house looking north-west-wards.


It also means I get to spend time with my close family in front of our wood burner, the pagan tree and vaguely christian decorations, and enjoy a well earned rest from whatever we’ve spent the year doing.

So, whether you’re enjoying the christmas pre-new-year-sales-sales, carrolling away at someone elses door, avoiding the mistletoe at the office party or spending the holiday like me, with friends and family… Here’s wishing you the very best this christmas, and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side… when everyone starts praying for sun and moaning that there wasn’t *enough* snow to satisfy their inner child!

Ben Brooks


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