Southampton Social Media Surgery (02/07/2011)

Have you heard of a “Social Media Surgery”?

No..? Well… nor had I until a friend and colleague of mine from Southampton University Students’ Union mentioned that she was planning one a few weeks ago…

…Now she’s got it all organised, and it’s going to be happenning between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday the 2nd of July in the Shooting Star public house on Bevois Valley Road.

Now that I know all about it, I think these Social Media Surgeries are a fantastic idea, after all how many of us have helped a friend get their head around Facebook, or in more recent years Twitter? Now there’s a way to do that for the greater good, by helping local individuals, charities, organisations and volunteer groups get online.

The amount of net awesomeness that a charity or volunteer group can engage in once they are on the social media bandwagon is huge! Just imagine the conversations that can be had, the collaboration between groups, the extra awareness of fundraising or other activities… the list isn’t endless, but it’s pretty long.

Anywho, Southampton SMS is looking for “surgeons” to help people get online, and also of course they’re looking for anyone who wants to get online or any groups that are interested in getting online, so spread the word, and link people to the website. You’ll also find help organising your own if you are not from the southampton area.

If you want to follow what’s happenning with the planning of the event, it’s Twitter hashtag is #SotonSMS. And if you’re thinking about coming along to see what this “Social Media” malarky is all about, or you’re coming along to help out, I look forward to meeting you on the day!

Ben D Brooks



3 thoughts on “Southampton Social Media Surgery (02/07/2011)

  1. Jaki Booth

    Ben, thank you so much for writing this post, and also for volunteering as a surgeon and for promoting the event. I’m looking forward to meeting some “patients”.

    1. Benjamin Brooks Post author

      No Worries,
      At the end of the day this kind of event can only work in favour of the local community, and as for publicity it wouldn’t make any sense if no patients turned up!
      I’ll see you on Saturday.


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