Okay… so I’m a dreadfully bad blogger!

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Well if the last few months will have shown my readers anything it is that I am a genuinely useless blogger – especiallty when out of work/education!

It has been said that if you want something done then you’re best chance of getting it done is to ask a busy person rather than someone with time on their hands. It seems to be that I do most of my writing and bogging when I have other things to do, a sort of “productive procrastination” if you will.

However last month I started a three month contract to catalogue the Geology collections at Craven Museum and Art Gallery in Skipton, North Yorkshire, and hopefully at the end of this I’ll have another job lined up to keep me occupied and give me something to procrastinate from thinking about when outside of the 9 to 5 working day. As such hopefully I’ll be resurrecting this blog and If I can drum up a little courage, perhaps even produce one or two Youtube videos.

So, in anticipation of posting a few blog posts very soon (perhaps even today), I’ll bid you adieu my dear readers and hope you look forward to the next post!

Ben D. Brooks


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