A Year Since Graduation…

…Actually it’s just a tad longer than that, something like fourteen whole months to be precise.

So here’s looking back over the last year (and a bit) I’ve had something of a roller-coaster ride starting with the move back home from Southampton – my adoptive home for the four years of my degree. This was fairly closely followed by moving to Yorkshire for a three month stint cataloging the geology collections of the Craven Museum and Gallery, which in turn faded to be replaced by the high excitement of traveling stateside for a glorious three weeks with the Museum of the Rockies digging up Dinosaurs (The Dispatches from Montana Series). Now I’m back in the small corner of South England where I started and putting it like that makes it sound like a much more action-packed year than it actually was!

Now Hiring - Courtesy of the Chive

I’d love to be able to say this is why I’m still on the job market, sadly not… Coutesy of The Chive and a Hat Tip to my good friend Donovan for pointing this one out.

So in many ways my year since graduation has been a jolly successful one, after all I did get to collect dinosaur fossils, meet some awesome palaeontologists on both sides of the pond, and I am quite enjoying just being a freelancer with the spare time to do other things. Though as someone who loves “productive procrastination” I am finding it somewhat difficult to motivate myself without anything to procrastinate from (I’m sure there’s some irony there).

However in a few ways things haven’t gone entirely to plan, as I am still on the job market without any obvious lights at the end of the tunnel, and I am getting a bit fed up with HR departments that cannot be bothered to send a one line rejection email (I mean really, have these people never heard of Mail-Merge?) let alone a lack of feedback from applications – both speculative and for advertised roles. But I’m not going to let this turn into a rant so let’s move on.

On a more interesting note, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do with my YouTube channel lately and I’m wondering what you guys (the people who actually read this blog) reckon I could do with it, I’ve been asked to add more “personal” content – whatever that is – and I’m working on some stuff in that vein. I’m also loving the “Crash Course” Channel’s World History Course and I’m wondering if I can do something similar with a Geological bent – but without the awesome graphics… I can’t do good graphics 😦

I loved doing the video in Norway (albeit without good audio) and do have some stuff from the states which I really ought to get edited and put together into something remotely video-esque. Perhaps I’ll get going on some Lymey-wimey stuff too (for non-Whovians Lyme Regis videos out in the field).

On the subject of Doctor Who… I’m less than pleased that the BBC have actually sacrificed its scheduling at the altar of the United Tanks of America… but sadly strongly worded letters don’t seem to make a difference these days.

Anywho, let me know your thoughts on that YouTube stuff (that’s why I’ve got a comment section!), apologies for the disordered and jumpy nature of the post and I hope to be writing some more (consistent) posts soon!

Ben D B

P.S.: Go find the Nyan-Mongol on Crash Course… well worth a laugh.


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