Benjamin David Brooks is an MSci Geology graduate of the University of Southampton, England whose main areas of academic interest are palaeontology, palaeoecology and sedimentology.

Ben is also a political commentator whose affiliation lies most naturally somewhere between the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Liberal Democrats, His main political interests being Defence, Science and Higher Education policy.

As a keen science advocate with ambitions towards getting into the “Public Understanding of Science” Ben attempts to keep this blog as impartial as possible with one major exception – the role of religion in science and politics – where his atheism often gets the better of him.

Finally Ben also enjoys the occasional aeronautical exploit outside of his studies, and until recently was training as a powered-gliding instructor.

This blog goes hand-in-hand with Ben’s personal website at www.benjamindbrooks.co.uk (Currently Undergoing a Refit)

A Note on Referencing

If you wish to use any of the posts on this blog for other NON-COMMERCIAL purposes, you are welcome to do so provided you attribute it or cite it correctly, for example if you were citing my post “Can we have a “Meta-Blog-Network” please?then the preferred format would be to include the following in your bibliography/reference list.

BROOKS, B.D., 2010, Can we have a “Meta-Blog-Network” please? [Online], available: https://benjamindbrooks.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/can-we-have-a-meta-blog-network-please/ [accessed 12/09/2010]

Alternatively for bloggers and websites without a reference list a thankyou and a link would be equally suitable.

Ben Brooks

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