The Blog

This website is my personal web-space in which to do a variety of things.

The blog available on the home page of this site is a place for me to talk about the things that matter to me, and to talk about what I’m currently doing.

The site also includes a page for other writings on third party sites and in publications, and pages where I am publishing some of my university academic works (BSc, MSci, Other*).

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and feel free to contact me if you wish to do so.

* I had to remove these works because of some undergrads plagairising them, sorry but it seems you cannot have nice things on the Internet. 😦


A Note on Referencing

If you wish to use any of the posts on this blog for other NON-COMMERCIAL purposes, you are welcome to do so provided you attribute it or cite it correctly, for example if you were citing my post “Can we have a “Meta-Blog-Network” please?then the preferred format would be to include the following in your bibliography/reference list.

BROOKS, B.D., 2010, Can we have a “Meta-Blog-Network” please? [Online], available: [accessed 12/09/2010]

Alternatively for bloggers and websites without a reference list a thankyou and a link would be equally suitable.

Comment Moderation

Obviously I am not one to stifle free speach, I never wish to become someone who does; but at the same time it is imperative upon me to lay down one or two house rules for Commenters on my posts to follow. I will be leaving it as a matter of your own personal integrity that you do follow them and I hope you will find them to be fair.

  1. First and most important, please try to keep ad-hominem attacks (attacking the person/poster rather than the argument) to a minimum – preferably don’t do it at all – and try to avoid swearing, as it adds little to your argument and some may judge you (rightly or wrongly) for it.
  3. Don’t Troll or Spam, it’s unnecessary and as of the date these house rules are published I will not allow any Troll posts through.
  4. If I (the moderator) suspect you of spamming but saying something useful (i.e.: adding to the debate but including a URL for a commercial site) the most likely response will be the removal of the URL and a note attached to your post as a warning. This will be at my discretion.
  5. If this blog ever becomes popular (certain not to happen but heigh ho) I will instigate a no-tolerance policy on post moderations, sorry but I do have my own committments outside of blogging.
  6. If you’re going to post links, make them relevant and explain why in your comment.
  7. Try to have fun and don’t get too het-up over what I say (I’m not that important!!!)

Thanks to all commenters who will read this, especially those who stick to the House Rules!

Addendum: Advertising of any kind WILL be taken to be spam, and WILL be deleted.

Ben Brooks


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