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I’m Spreadin’ the News… I’m Leavin’ Today…

“I’m going on an adventure!” said the young man to the drinks machine while it dispensed his necessary morning bottle of caffienated sugar syrup. “Whirrr….Bzzzzzt…..Clatter… Clank” said the drinks machine, spitting out the beverage in question and wondering, in the non-plussed way machines do, why this human was bothering it at 0448 in the morning. The […]

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Another orbit comes to a close

It’s that time of year again… Where I subject you all to my Christmas Podcast (as it seems to have become!) I promise this one’s less depressing than last year, although I also didn’t have much to say, especially as I tried to avoid talking much about this annus horribilis! But anywho, Merry Christmas one […]

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A Gamer’s Call to Arms!

Hey Folks; I’ve finally got to the point where it’s become clear that my existing gaming group in East Devon are never going to be able to maintain an ongoing RPG campaign of any kind. So I’m looking to find a group of four or so gamers in the Exeter (UK) area to join me […]

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On Dreams Made Real

[SPOILER ALERT – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED] When I was four years old a film was released that has since been a wonder for millions all over the globe, it had some of the most innovative special effects in film history, and did more to update the public perception of palaeontology than any museum or […]

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