This page is a hallowed place… where I publically advertise people (usually indie bloggers and some friends) who I think are worthy of keeping an eye on…

Geology and Heritage

Lyme Regis Museum’s Blog – Where I work during busy tourist seasons.

B.D. Waugh – Fellow Geology Graduate from Southampton University and all round jolly good chap. Co-genius behind the TwoDots webcomic.

Donovan Hand – Fellow Geology Graduate from Southampton University and up-and-coming journalist.

Julia Heathcote – Teacher at a London FE college, keeper of dragons and fellow palaeo-nut!

Jon Tennant – another Palaeo-Nut with dinosaurs on the brain.

Sam Bennett – (A Real) Ichthyosaur Researcher and PhD Student at RHUL.

Friends and Youtubers

Louis Brooks (Blog) – My brother, a computing and mathematical wise-acre genius. He also runs the Minecraft server that we frequent, though we’re more into building cool things than becoming redstone geniuses or PvP gaming.

Iain Fifer – School friend and mathematical genius.

Thomas Loughlin – Artist and graphical mastermind, at least when conscious.

Carla Bradman – Fellow Southampton University Graduate and journalist.

Ana Rašković – Interesting YouTuber hailing from Serbia.

That’s all for the moment… maybe I’ll add more later…

Ben D Brooks