Published Works and Credits

This page is a place where you can find links to any of my writings published elsewhere, for example in newspapers or guest posts on other blogs. You’ll also find links to other people’s works where I have been credited in a non-writing capacity.

Guest Posts and Journalism

UK Geological Society

The Beaches of Lyme Regis: As part of the UK Geological Society’s 100 Great Geosites project, I was invited to write a short guest blog post to support the nomination of the beaches around Lyme Regis for inclusion in the final list.

The Graduate Times News Site

The Graduate Times was founded to provide high quality journalism from recent graduates who are still establishing themselves. Their website was hosted at but sadly the site is defunct and has been taken down, including all my articles; Thankfully, four of them were archived by the Internet Archive so are still available to read:

The Wessex Scene Newspaper

The Wessex Scene is the original student newspaper of the Southampton University Students’ Union, though editorially independent from the Union. Their website can be found at

Dispatches – the newsletter of the Woodroffe Association

Sadly there’s no web-archive of these pieces, but I’ll try to dig them out and upload a .pdf of them soon enough. Mostly these were biographical pieces about other ex-Woodroffe School students.

My Name in Print – Credits Elsewhere

The following credits are from places where I haven’t been working as a writer or content-creator, but in capacities such as proof-reading, copy editing or as a subject expert:

Book: Jurassic Coast Fossils by Robert Westwood (ISBN: 978-0-9564104-9-8)
I was contacted by Robert through Lyme Regis Museum to proofread and comment on this excellent short guide to the geology and fossils of the Jurassic Coast. I provided advice and comments regarding the sections relating to the fossil groups, Lyme Regis and the Fossil Collecting Code.

Book: What’s the worst that could happen? by Greg Craven (ISBN: 978-0-399-53501-7)
Greg Craven is famous for his viral YouTube video (The most terrifying video you’ll ever see) and the follow-on series “How it all Ends“. After the success of these videos he was approached to write a book on the subject. While writing he enlisted the help of the online community “The Manpollo Project” (of which I was an active member) as proofreaders, copy editors, sounding board and researchers. In the first edition of the book, we received a group credit for our efforts.

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